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Epic wedding event films are some of the most beautiful in the world.  They are colorful, romantic, timeless, luxuries, and full of joy. We love being able to show you our wonderful weddings.  As an experienced Indian wedding planner in New York, I specialize in all types of Hindu and Islamic weddings as well also Catholic and Interfaith weddings. We love to plan different weddings. Every one of our weddings showcases our couple’s taste, their vision, and what their passion is.  Weddings are our passion to assist our couples to create. Our services are Full Wedding Planning, Partial Planning, and Month of Coordination and we would love to work with you at your wedding.  When planning weddings with Indian couples, we think that having a filmmaker for your wedding is a must-have, this is because you’ll be so busy throughout the weekend with the sangeet, the Garba, Graha Shanti puja, baraat, milini, and the ceremony and party on the wedding day. Wedding planner NYC films are based on different locations with different love across different faiths. 

These epic wedding event films will give you insight into all the celebrations that you have put so much time and effort into and allow you and your family who live near and far to celebrate with you. You will be able to relive the moment through the clips, the smiles, the tears, and most importantly those hugs from a loved one! 

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